What is Developing Life-Changing Faith? Simply, Developing Life-Changing Faith is a journey with the Holy Spirit that transforms your current faith into the kind seen in biblical stories..., the type of faith that would protect our families and us from the hungry lions that would devour us, scorching furnaces that would consume us, and crushing giants that would defeat us in our spiritual and physical lives.

This journey is for those dissatisfied with the strength of their faith or those who do not know how to get started. Since God teaches us “Line upon Line, and Precept upon Precept,” He gives us key steps, corrections, and scriptural understandings, unlocking the strong faith we have always wanted. Undoubtedly, those who take this journey will experience the transformation of their faith by the end of Phase 1. But, continuing through Phases 2 and 3, stepping in faith in each one as the Holy Spirit leads them, transforms their faith to that of Daniel, Abraham, David, and others.

If you are ready to transform your current faith into the unyielding faith like those men and women in Bible stories, I invite you to begin your own journey of Developing Life-Changing Faith. I offer both ebooks and audiobooks in various formats FREE of charge here (booksellers’ websites require a small fee). Download your copy today by pressing the SHOP button at the top of this page.

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Developing Life-Changing Faith, Phase 1 (Ed2), 28 Keys to Transform Your Current Faith into Biblical Faith (Edition 2, Rewritten Version)

Developing Life-Changing Faith, Phase 1, begins your journey to change the faith you have always wanted. Being led by the Holy Spirit, Part 1 corrects the most common misconceptions and false beliefs about faith, God, and your relationship with Him.

Changing our false beliefs to nearly anything else is crucial to Developing Life-Changing Faith to be closer to God. Because false beliefs cause us shame, blame, or guilt, among others, distancing us from Him, it has an evil yoke that we must break. It explains how to easily find and correct them and remove their pain, thus removing the evil yoke.

Then, Part 2 gives you tools to Develop Life-Changing Faith appropriately with the power of the Spirit of God, leading you to simple tools and biblical truths to transform your faith that is truly life-changing. In fact, you will be amazed by the strength of your faith by the end of Phase 1—more potent than the kind even many devout Christians have. But your journey does not here...

Developing Life-Changing Faith, Phase 2, Walking by Faith in Discipleship of the Lord

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Expected Timeframe: Winter 2024

Developing Life-Changing Faith, Phase 3, ...

Writing Process

Expected Timeframe: Winter 2025

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