Frequently Asked Questions

The Holy Bible tells us that if we have faith the size of a grain of mustard seed, we will be able to move a mountain and toss it into the sea [Matthew 17:20 and Matthew 21:21]. Sadly, many people do not have enough faith even to get their prayers answered (am I the only one?). They feel like some people have elusive keys to faith that they cannot not find, and reading many books about faith did not answer their questions.


Simply, Developing Life-Changing Faith is a journey with the Holy Spirit that transforms your current faith into the kind seen in biblical stories..., the type of faith that would protect our families and us from the hungry lions who would devour us, scorching furnaces that would consume us, and crushing giants that would defeat us in our spiritual and physical lives.


As a child, I attended a Christian-based church with my parents and six siblings, my being born the eldest child. My parents trained us with the strict discipline of the era. Mostly, my childhood was typical of suburban Utah in the 1960s and ‘70s. Our family prayed every morning and evening, prayed at each meal, and said our personal prayers every night. We attended church on Sundays and participated in all church-related activities. They also encouraged us to choose friends who attended church or introduced them to it. However, while I believed in God, I accepted attitudes and beliefs that caused me to think that God did not love me.

Although my father was no longer a member, he was raised in a cult-type splinter-group ‘religion’ from the religion I was taught. This group’s attitudes, even teachings, kept women oppressed and only suitable for bearing and raising children. Because of it and from others’ duplicity done early and throughout my childhood, I always believed God was loving, merciful, wonderful, mighty, and everything else said about Him. Still, I had a kind of derailment of my understandings, believing He was loving and merciful to everyone else, but not me. I believed God did not love me because I was born a girl. With this and other attitudes, teachings, and people’s agendas and manipulations, you might see that my beliefs were messed up. Down was up, up was down, and right was entirely somewhere else!

Seeing the mess I had made in my life and my beliefs, and through my failings, God removed me from my family, my church, and my life for ten months in the State penitentiary; the judge telling me that he was “going to make an example of me.” Early in that place, a woman, intending to shank me (meaning, stab me with a do-it-yourself knife), cornered me in a small unused section of the prison’s yard. Luckily (divinely, really), a guard ran to my aid, sending her to her cell and taking me to mine in a different unit. As I cried in my locked cell, alone and terrified, I called on the Lord, “Jesus!” screaming in my mind and heart, but it came out only in a whisper. Instantly, He appeared to me (unseen but powerfully felt), immediately dissolving my fears and changing my tears of fright to tears of joy. Then He comforted me in His loving arms. I was overwhelmed in those moments of peace and love, and I knew He greatly loved me.

His presence stayed with me until I woke up the next day and throughout my stay. Within two weeks of this encounter with the Lord, I received a hands-on anointing, telling me that ‘this time would be a mission for the Lord,’ instructing me to pray for and on behalf of the women there, and giving me other responsibilities and directions on how to fulfill them. I was also to use my voice to provide powerful testimonies and sing praises to the Lord on behalf of the women in that place, using additional gifts to help me be effective.

Jesus changed me at that moment. He changed my mind and heart. He transformed my understanding of Him and His Father. He removed any fear I had about being close to Him. And most importantly, he destroyed my belief about how He viewed me, showing me that He loved me dearly.

During my remaining time there and the following years since, He led me to learn the things necessary to have great faith, step by step and phase by phase, layering them upon the other. He illuminated Bible stories and verses which gave me a new perspective on Him and His Father, and about faith that I had never seen or heard before. He removed my faith in man's doctrines of Him, and led me to follow only Him, completely changing my life. And as I continued reading my Bible, He highlighted things for me, showing me that everything He taught me was correct and according to His Word.


Everyone has misconceptions that have led them off the path toward gaining the type of faith they desire. Satan has deceived all of us about God in one way or another. Unfortunately, these misconceptions distance us from God and block His ability to bless us or even answer our prayers. These feelings cause us to turn away from God out of shame, blame, and pain because we do not believe Him in our misconceptions.

Because of it, the Holy Spirit taught me concepts and led me to them in God's holy Word. The Bible was His sole source to teach me - no other person, quote, or book - so I trust His example and prove everything through and by the Bible. 


Going through my journey Developing Life-changing Faith, I have learned to understand that while the 3 phases contain the teachings to get us through and graduate from our "formal education," Phase 1 viewed as our Elementary education, Phase 2 as Jr and High School educations, and Phase 3 as College and Graduate work.

By the time you end Phase 1, you will already have the faith the most devout Christians today do not and will never have (Phase 2 will explain why). But after ending Phase 1, the Holy Spirit takes you to your next Phase to teach you how to recognize the Holy Spirit’s voice whenever He speaks to you, helping you create the type of relationship you need with the Lord, as His people. But even at the end of Phase 2, the Lord will take you to yet another phase – a fascinating phase where He teaches us as He did with His disciples. The third phase will be the last of our “formal education” because as I began Phase 3, He told me there would be no other phase. Beyond Phase 3, we will have learned all we need to know to follow the Lord wherever He may take us.


No. Phase 1 teaches us that we must use a little faith to gain more faith. As a result, often asking for things so they will be given might make Jesus look like them. It is only when we take the leap and learn about God in this manner that we will be able to move beyond our current faith.

If we cannot understand that God desires to bless our lives, for whatever reason, we may never grow our faith because our willful belief limits God’s ability to do anything for us, being an act of free will. But accepting God’s word allows us to test it out, as we did in Phase 1, to grow and learn. And that is why God instructs us to test it out (we cannot manipulate God), knowing by doing so, we may learn He is faithful and is the rewarder of those who love Him. The position of our hearts (our motives) would indicate whether we are asking as if God was Santa Clause or a genie in a bottle (or a gumball machine). If we genuinely desire to learn of Him and His ways, that this is our motive, having gratitude in our hearts, God will give to us generously, and He will teach us that this is what He wants for us." He has promised many times in His Word.


When I finished Phase 1 and wrote an published Developing Life-Changing Faith (Ed1), I thought I had no more instructions to learn and needed only to strengthen my faith. I was surprised to learn that the Holy Spirit had taken me to another Phase, Phase 2, which gave me a deeper understanding of my Phase 1 concepts and taught me Phase 2 concepts. That led me to re-write my book from the original publication, including the fullness of Phase 1 understandings creating Edition 2. However, I stand by my original published book, which might be better for a younger reader or one new in the faith before going to the Edition 2 version, which holds the deeper meanings.


When I was going through my own journey Developing Life-Changing Faith, the Holy Spirit never charged me for any of the things He taught me. So, because of His generosity, I do not feel right charging you. If you gained value from my writings and feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to donate, there is a donation button (via PayPal) on the Shop page.