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The original published version of Developing Life-Changing Faith holds the Phase 1 concepts without the deeper understandings gained as I went through the subsequent two Phases. I also offer the original version for those who are younger, new in the faith, or would like a "lite" version compared the re-written version (Phase 1, Edition 2). For those who choose to read the original version, I recommend reading Ed 2 after the original version to gain the deeper understanding as a follow-up.


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Developing Life-Changing Faith, Phase 1, gives you 28 profound Biblical keys, hidden in plain sight, that will correct misunderstandings keeping you from the type of faith you desire, identifies the most common things you inadvertently do that stops God from blessing you and answering your prayers, and corrects the primary understandings necessary to have an active faith in the Lord (yes, we need to activate our faith). Then it teaches you to recognize the Holy Spirit’s voice every time He speaks to you. Though this phase addresses an elementary faith, it transforms whatever faith you have currently into one that changes your life and readies you to grow your faith larger and stronger than you thought possible.

Developing Life-Changing Faith, Phase 1, begins your journey to change the faith you have always wanted. Being led by the Holy Spirit, Part 1 corrects the most common misconceptions and false beliefs about faith, God, and our relationship with Him. Changing our false beliefs to nearly anything else is crucial to Developing Life-Changing Faith to be closer to God. Because false beliefs cause us shame, blame, or guilt, among others, distancing us from Him, it has an evil yoke that we must break. It explains how to easily find and correct our false beliefs and remove their pain, thus removing the evil yoke. Then, Part 2 gives you tools to Develop Life-Changing Faith appropriately with the power of the Spirit of God, leading you to simple tools and awarenesses to transform your faith that is truly life-changing. In fact, you will be amazed by the strength of your faith by the end of Phase 1—more potent than the kind even many devout Christians have.

In Phase 1, you will learn the following:

  • The everyday things that block you from receiving blessings from God, what ties God’s hands against you, and how to remove them—if you do not learn this, God may not be able to bless you;
  • What God wants you to know about asking for His blessings—most Christians get this wrong, which blocks God from blessing you;
  • The biblical truth about our worthiness of God’s blessings and how to ensure you are eligible every time you ask anything of Him—this knowledge gives you a considerable advantage over others who do not have it;
  • The power of freewill, the importance of knowing about it, and how to use it to allow God to bless you every time you ask—there are several ways you inadvertently block God’s ability to bless you, and knowing this correctly clears it every time you use it;
  • How God’s will fits in your faith, and your faith fits in God’s will—this instantly makes your prayers more successful;
  • What doubt truly is, how to recognize hidden doubt in you, and how to pray without doubt every time you pray, even when you are not sure—this makes praying about anything easier;
  • The ways to instantly activate anyone’s faith so God can bless them, even if they do not yet believe in Him—surprisingly, even someone who does not yet have a belief in God might have enough belief to remove the blocks keeping them from His blessings, so they can experience Him in their lives, if you ask them the right question;
  • How to recognize the real differences between temptations, tests of faith, and life’s trials, and how to ensure that you will pass the tests of your faith every time—this is the number one reason why most of God’s blessings are never received.
  • And so much more, and the biblical references showing their truths.

Then it brings them all together into a simple formula to almost guarantee that God can answer and bless you every time you ask because you are doing things His way.

At the end of Phase 1, you will already have the type of faith that will change your life, but your journey does not end there. You will then be directed into Phase 2, where the Holy Spirit will lead you to deeper understandings, helping you recognize the voice of the Lord whenever He speaks.


Expected Summer 2024

Expected Winter 2025